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Gościniec Pod Strzechą

* 16-402 Suwałki, City Krzywe 16 B
from 140 zł
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Gościniec Pod Strzechą

Gościniec Pod Strzechą is located in a picturesque area next to Wigry National Park and offers rooms with Wi-Fi access and a restaurant serving regional cuisine. The hotel provides guests with many recreational activities and facilities.

Unguarded parking Wireless Internet Restaurant
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Gościniec Pod Strzechą is situated in a picturesque area among lakes and forests, close to Wigry National Park. The historical Camaldolese Monastery is very close to the property, and Suwałki can be reached directly by a bicycle trail leading through a lovely area. The 300-metre long Dąbrówka ski lift is next to the hotel.


Gościniec Pod Strzechą offers 12 en-suite rooms, equipped with a TV and Wi-Fi access.


The on-site restaurant offers tasty regional dishes.


The hotel features a large playground, a beach volleyball pitch and a large car park.


Trekking and bicycle tours, quad rides, picnics, bonfires, beach volleyball matches and horse riding – all these attractions await guests of Gościniec Pod Strzechą.


Gościniec Pod Strzechą features an air-conditioned banquet room for up to 110 people, where business meetings, conferences, parties and banquets are organized.

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